PALM SPRINGS, CA (October 26, 2019) The winner of today’s 34th Annual Palm Springs Aerial Tram Road Challenge was CJ Hitz of Colorado Springs, CO, who ran the “World’s Toughest 6K” in 30 minutes, 49 seconds. The first female to cross the finish line was Lynda Weyman of Calgary, Canada in 40 minutes, 50 seconds.  Sela-Mia Howard of Bedford, MA, finished first in the youngest category (6 and under) and Bill Bell, age 96, finished first in the oldest category (90-120).

This year’s Male and Female Challenge Division Winners are:

Age Groups Name City Time
6 and under Aerial Herrera Desert Hot Springs 01:32:04
Sophie Herrera Desert Hot Springs 01:31:59
7-10 Ahris Mayorga 00:38:26
Jan Eva Crozet, France 01:00:21
11-14 Tonalli Sanchez La Quinta, CA 00:37:08
Fatima Casta Banning, CA 00:56:16
15-19 Ricardo Franco 00:36:22
Yoselin Danseco 00:48:45
20-24 John Alvarez 00:50:13
Philine Endres Palm Springs, CA 00:48:52
25-29 Jerry Sanchez La Quinta, CA 00:36:35
Raizah Saville Upland, CA 00:46:00
30-34 Robbie Jones Golden, CO 00:37:50
Veronika Gutierrez Palm Desert, CA 00:41:56
35-39 James Graff-Radford Pismo Beach, CA 00:38:16
Steph Cronshaw Joshua Tree, CA 00:42:51
40-44 Andrew Searle Rosland, Canada 00:37:22
Brit Curtis Calgary, Canada 00:46:49
45-49 Russel Mackie Sacramento, CA 00:38:10
Brigid Freyne Temecula, CA 00:41:00
50-54 Stephen Crossley Barnsley, UK 00:38:03
Nancy Hickey Los Angeles, CA 00:41:03
55-59 Bob Jones Golden, CO 00:36:38
Sheryl Whyte Indio, CA 00:44:25
60-64 Greg Parrone Agora Hills, CA 00:37:54
Carol Baker Brea, CA 00:52:23
65-69 James Maxwell San Diego, CA 00:43:43
Claudia Ferguson Cathedral City, CA 00:56:37
70-74 Brad Carrell Redmond, OR 00:47:24
Jeanne Leslie La Quinta, CA 00:56:07
75-79 Glenn Jones Indio, CA 01:07:36
Cherie Gruenfeld 00:54:44
80-84 Leonard Hernandez Banning, CA 00:58:52
Stacy Lewis Palm Springs, CA 01:18:34
85-89 Mary Hirst Palm Desert, CA 02:07:41

The first Tram Road Challenge was held in 1983, and was won by Rob Slick in 27 minutes, 35 seconds and Nancy Baird in 35 minutes, 25 seconds. The fastest men’s time was set by Rubin Garcia of Mexico—26 minutes, 5 seconds—in 1987. Lubov Kremleva of Russia set the fastest women’s time—28 minutes, 56 seconds in 1998.

1,201 runners and walkers participated in this year’s Tram Road Challenge.

2019 Tram Road Challenge Results
2019 Tram Road Challenge Photo