Can I cancel my tickets?

Please email for refund details.


Is the tram car air conditioned or heated?

No, but the windows are open to allow for ventilation.


What’s at the top?

There are two restaurants, a cocktail lounge, observation decks, a small natural history museum, two theaters showing State Park and tram construction videos, a gift shop, Magic Memories for photo viewing, and over 50 miles of hiking trails along with other nature activities.


How long does the tram ride take?

Approximately ten minutes in each direction.


Are pets allowed?

Only service animals are allowed on the tram. The State Park also restricts pets to service animals.


What is the weather like at the top?

The weather at the Mountain Station is typically 30-40 degrees cooler than on the desert floor.


When is it going to snow?

During the past few years of drought, snow patterns have changed dramatically. In the 2014-2015 season, the first light snowfall occurred in November and the final, in mid-May.


When there is snow, do you rent equipment?

When snow conditions permit, the Adventure Center will rent out snow shoes and cross-country skis. We sell sleds in the gift shop. You may bring your own snow shoes and sleds, please ensure that sleds are all plastic.


Can pregnant women and/or infants ride the Tram?

They do, but we always suggest consulting with your physician first. The altitude change is approximately 6,000 feet during the 10-minute ride.


Do I need a hiking permit?

No permits are needed for Long Valley trails, but a wilderness permit is needed if hiking beyond the ranger station. There is no charge and it may be obtained upon arrival at the ranger station.
Please be advised the Tram is still closed due to the Coronavirus, so there are no tram cars available to bring hikers down the mountain.


Do I need a camping permit?

The State Park charges $5 per person for camping permits and they may be obtained by calling 951-659-2607. Please be advised the Tram is still closed due to the Coronavirus, so there are no tram cars available to bring campers down the mountain


Is the Tram wheelchair accessible?

The Valley Station, the tramcar and the Mountain Station are all fully wheelchair accessible and A.D.A. compliant.


Are there any shuttles or busses to the Tramway from Palm Springs?

There are not, but all local cab companies will take and pick patrons at the Tram’s Valley Station.


What is the cost to park? Can I park overnight?

Please visit our Parking Information page for full details.